Coach TJ has been conducting skill development training since 2001. His experience and expertise on training players has made him a sought after coach and consultant for players looking for skill development. At TJones Consulting Firm we offer a variety of different services for the individual player. We can develop a skill development improvement plan, provide an in-game performance assessment, create workouts, or provide any other skill development needs you may have.


Skill Development Improvement Plan

Our Skill Development Improvement Plan gives each individual player an assessment of their skills and what they need to improve based on their goals and ambitions. We provide each client a road map to raise their abilities.

In-Game Performance Assessment

The In-Game Performance Assessment we provide is a report that breaks down how a player performs in competition. We can watch a player perform in a live game setting or through online access that you provide. This report can be 1 page or a multiple page, comprehensive document.

Customized Workouts

We can also help you by creating customized workouts that will help your game improve. These workouts can cover position play or particular skills that need improvement. You can visit our SHOP (coming soon) page to purchase workouts we have already created or contact us to have one personalized for you.


Coach TJ has written a book on skill development. In this book it details how to conduct proper skill development no matter the players skill level or ability. If you want to learn about true skill development then this is the book for you. CLICK HERE to purchase

TJones Consulting Firm has worked with a number of teams, organizations, and coaches. We can help you reach your skill development goal by offering advice on your skill development program, creating a customized skill development program for your team or organization, generate detailed in-game performance reports for basketball prospects, or any other skill development needs. Continue to read below for information on what we can offer.


phone/video consultation

If you need to spend some time discussing your skill development program and find ways to improve, you can hop on a phone call or video call with Coach TJ. During the scheduled call you can get advice on what to do, how to implement, and ways to get your players better.

customized skill development program

If your team or organization is in need of an updated skill development program then the TJones Consulting Firm can design a program for your team. This program can be as customized as you would like to meet the needs of your players.

in-game performance report

This service is for any college program on any level. If you need information on a prospect and would like an experienced skill development coach to give you an unbiased report on the player’s skill set then you should contact TJones Consulting Firm. This detailed report gives information on the players offensive and defensive skills while also detailing their character and communication skills.

BOOk (coming soon)

Coach TJ will be releasing a skill development book that focuses on skill development just for teams. This book gives great insight on how teams should implement a skill development program that will help produce better players that will in turn give your program more wins.