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Everything you need to know about a true skill development program

The Skill Development Playbook has identified a void in the basketball arena. There is now a book that gives coaches, players, and parents creditable information on skill development. The Skill Development Playbook is about teaching people how real skill development is conducted.

The first book from trusted skill development coach, TJ Jones.

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About The Book

The Skill Development Playbook is 10 chapters filled with information and tips on how to conduct true and proper skill development training. This book will provide you with 6 keys to proper skill development, distinguish the difference between training and working out, share the 4 fundamentals every player should master and much more. It gives you information, terminology, and insight on how to plan a skill development program for any player of any skill level.

If you are a parent, coach, or player and you are not sure where to start when it comes to skill development, then this is the book for you. This easy to read, 10 chapter book, gives you a ton of information on the essentials of skill development.



The Skill Development Playbook is available for purchase now through our website and Amazon. Click the Amazon button below to purchase the Kindle ebook or paperback book. Click the PDF download button to purchase from our website.



Don’t take our word for it. Hear what other coaches, parents, and trainers have to say about our book.

Coach Director: USA Basketball

Coach Director: USA Basketball

The skill development playbook is well thought out by TJ Jones. The playbook is a good read for all coaches who work in skill development and are concerned about their player’s improvement.
— Don Showalter
Extremely well written and I like the message.  Has a “must read” feel for any coach of really any sport looking to put together a player development program, or really just start coaching.”
— Brandon Rosenthal
Former Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach

Former Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach

Division 1 Coach

Division 1 Coach

I loved your book. Because of the focus on mastering the process. Not just a bunch of drills. Thank you for allowing me to read it!! Keep up the great work!!
— Division 1 Coach
Thanks for the opportunity to read your book, engage in and understand your philosphy. I have great respect for those who are willing to invest their time in others success. While at the same time, be willing to professionally express and stand for a philosophy or viewpoint that may not be popular...yet is true to their beliefs and philosophy.
— Jeff House
Former Division 1 Coach Jeff House

Former Division 1 Coach Jeff House

Athletic Director/Head Varsity Coach - Guy Perkins High School

Athletic Director/Head Varsity Coach - Guy Perkins High School

I think you’ve done an excellent job of defining the true meaning of skill development in a clear and concise manner. Skill work should be purposeful and as close to game-like as possible and you’ve nailed it.
— Keane Guiden




TJ Jones is a coach, trainer, consultant, mentor, and speaker. He has spent 17+ years in the basketball skill development field training players of all ages and skill levels.

Coach TJ’s skill development training is packed with practical techniques that gets the best out of his players. He inspires his players to perform to the best of their potential not just on the basketball court, but in life.

This book includes some the same procedures Coach TJ has used over his 17+ years of skill development training.

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